The IPSS philosophy allows for the translation and application of our talents and experience to a large area of expertise. We have developed and installed our own models and control software for most rolling mill applications, such as:

  • Finishing Mill Set Up
  • Roughing Mill Setup
  • Plate Mill Setup
  • Automatic Gage Control
  • Looper Control
  • Coiling & Finishing Temperature Control
  • Shape Setup and Control
  • Mill Simulation

We have also enhanced and tuned many legacy systems from other vendors.

In addition to our modeling and control products, we have developed a number of customized products and systems meeting the integration needs of our customers' specific challenges:

  • Custom Interfaces that allow our customers to connect to proprietary control networks, thus allowing the integration of new functionality within an existing system.
  • Data Analysis Systems - PC based systems to gather, store and display mill data at high speeds.